About Sambhav

Sambhav is an energetic, young and sort of a fat individual who's curious enough to ask questions when specifically told not to do so. DO NOT suppose that he likes to break the rules, yes he does but not on the roads. He's a friendly yet not charming person (why?). He took a departure from his school peers in secondary school to pursue his career in Computer Sciences. He always has had this attraction with computers, more like some sort of fascination to discover how they actually worked.

He's gained the Luke Skywalker's force magic through elementary Sanskrit in 10th standard (yep!). Facing a great parental challenge to overcome, he continued this spirit to pursue a computer science major for his graduation. Scoring well was never his aim at college and nor was writing this text you're thoughtfully reading right now, but what could he have done when he liked writing while coding. From a professor's PoV, he also has had good research skills in his technical domain specifically in new technologies like Blockchain, AI and Quantum Cryptography. Also, he knows something about coding stuff in C, C++, JS (ES6, ES2015, JSX, React, Semantic UI, VueJS, NuxtJS), Flutter and Bash.

He's a self-sustaining individual i.e., suppose you leave him in a jungle, he'll go on to live on his own and find his way back to the nearest "terrorist-free" checkpoint. Cool guy, right? - In this spirit of reading this boring text, here, have one of Bill Burr's best pun: